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1 • Day Acuvue ® Define TM

The Beauty Enhancing Contact Lens in Manhattan, NY.

Dr. Alan Schlussel is pleased to introduce a new lens available in the NY eye doctors office. We are proud to be one of few exclusive practices offering this new enhancement contact lens.


Define contact lenses in NYC


Inspired by your natural iris, 1 • DAY ACUVUE® DEFINE™ provides a high standard of beauty to give you the natural radiance you seek. The sophisticated pattern adds natural texture to create depth to the iris while its varying translucency blends in with the iris to highlight depth, which provides an illusion of bigger, sparkling eyes.

Attractiveness Enhancing Contact Lens

Glasses are not the only kind of fashion eyewear anymore. 1 • Day Acuvue ® DefineTM actually enhance your eyes' natural beauty. They create a clean, smooth edge between the colored iris and the whites of your eye to enhance the definition of your eyes.

Beauty Wrapped In Comfort

DefineTM contact lenses are the only beauty enhancing lenses with a locked-in wetting agent. They stay comfortable all day long, for up to 20 hours of wear time, due to their unique BWIC (Beauty Wrapped In Comfort) technology. The colorants are embedded between two thin layers of transparent material to prevent it from coming into direct contact with your sensitive eye tissue.

Breathable and UV Protective

These contact lenses allow oxygen to penetrate the lens material, enabling your eyes to get the necessary air flow for comfort and health. They also provide protection from harmful ultraviolet rays.

For sparkling, luminous eyes and ultimate comfort, try 1-Day Acuvue® DefineTM contact lenses available by appointment in New York at exclusive opticals including Dr. Alan Schlussel, optometrist in New York City.


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