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Boosting Your Teen’s Self-Esteem with Contacts

Requiring eyeglasses is often met with resistance from a teenager. Teenagers can cringe at the very idea of wearing eyeglasses and appearing ''nerdy''. As opposed to eyeglasses, children and teens who use lenses report a significant enhancement in their looks, says a newly published study. The research report demonstrates that starting at the age of eight, pre-teens should be given the choice of lenses. Researchers published the study in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, the official publication of the Contact Lens Association.

In what way do contacts enhance adolescents' self esteem? Young adults are self-conscious, and they generally feel more positive about themselves when they don't have glasses being the focus of their appearance. Lenses may help teenagers feel greater self-esteem and more comfort around others by giving them a less obvious alternative for their vision needs.

In addition, contacts are better for teenagers who play sports. For teens, contacts may be more protective than eyeglasses in a number of situations. Unlike glasses, contacts are not easily during football, and other contact sports. Contacts are also more convenient when participating in sports that necessitate face shields. In providing a full range of vision, contacts may also enhance teen's peripheral vision during sport activities.

Generally before your child purchases contacts you should consult your eye care practitioner to find out about any potential problems your child might encounter. Our New York, NY, optometry practice will be glad to assist you to come up with the right prescription for your young adult's contacts.

If your pre-teen or teenager needs vision correction, why not consider contacts? Through something as simple as a soft lens, you can really change your teen's life. With the wide assortment of contact lenses available, you and your optometrist can work with your child to decide what modality best fits their personality, maturity and lifestyle.

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