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Cosmetics Tips for Contact Lens Wearers from your New York, NY Eye Doctor

If you use contacts a few guidelines should be followed when applying makeup. Here are some professional pointers for ways to be sure your eyes stay looking great and healthy.

Purchasing Makeup

Even before we discuss how to apply makeup, eye care professionals advise that you purchase only cosmetics that are fragrance and oil free. Further, to avoid peeling and smudging, which could end up bothering your lenses, purchase water-resistant mascara and eye liner pencils. Lastly it's important to switch makeup used on your eyes frequently - ideally replace mascara monthly, liners every three months and shadows every six months.

How to Safely Apply Makeup

Be certain to wash your hands thoroughly prior to putting in your lenses. Put on all eye makeup with care so you won't touch your contact lenses. Try not to apply a brush or liner to the lid inside the lashes and apply mascara from the center of the lashes instead of the base. Don't use someone else’s makeup or put makeup on when the eyes are swollen or infected.

In addition to cleaning off cosmetics every day try to be proactive and opt for glasses when dying or treating your hair with a chemical.

Taking proper care in using eye makeup during lens use can prevent irritated, swollen or infected eyes and damage to lenses.

If your eyes become red or irritated don't use makeup. Don't hesitate to contact your eye doctor if you have any redness, discomfort, or itchiness. Our New York, NY optometrist will be glad to help you with any contact lens issues that are troubling you.

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