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Multifocal Lenses and You

Many people develop problems with close vision during their 40s. This condition is known as presbyopia. If you already struggle with distance vision, and are later on diagnosed with presbyopia, you won't need to carry a separate pair of reading glasses. This is all thanks to multifocal lenses, which help you with both problems, making sure you always see clearly.

Multifocals are much better than bifocals. Bifocals corrected problems with both near and far vision, but often things in between were blurry. In an effort to create a better product, progressive lenses were invented. These provide wearers with and intermediate or transition region that allows your eyes to focus on distances that are in the middle. Let's explain how this works. Progressive lenses are expertly curved, unlike a bifocal lens, which is harshly sectioned. For this reason, progressive lenses are also called no-line lenses. This makes for not only better vision at near and far distances, but also nice, easy transitions between the two.

But, it can take a bit of time to adjust to no-line lenses. Even though the invisible lens curve is more aesthetically pleasing, the focal areas are quite small because the transitional areas also take up space.

Bifocals aren't entirely dated though; they are helpful for kids and teens who have a hard time focusing when reading.

It's also important to get fitted properly, and not resort to drugstore bifocals. Most of these ''ready-made'' glasses are one-size-fits-all, which means that the prescription is the same in both lenses and that the optical center of the lens is not customized for the wearer.

A badly fitted pair of glasses can lead to headaches, eye strain or even nausea. At a certain age, most of us will not be able to avoid presbyopia. But it's comforting to know that the right lenses can make all the difference.

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