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Patient Testimonials

I found Dr. Alan Schlussel by doing online research for my dry eye condition. After suffering from dry eyes for over one year and no longer being able to wear contacts, I was really frustrated and hesitant to explore my options because I had no idea what they were. I was really afraid to visit a doctor who would just prescribe me an eye drop and send my on my way. Dr. Schlussel’s website was very helpful and I really looked forward to meeting him so I could learn exactly what was the cause of my dry eyes. My first visit with him was most definitely the best experience I could have hoped for! I first learned in making the appointment that the visit was actually covered under my medical health plan, even though I didn’t have vision coverage! Once there, the doctor took so much time to explain every detail about my specific condition: reasons, treatments, at home care, etc. I felt 100% confident that I now knew what was going on with my eyes and that it would be treated properly and effectively with his treatment and advice. Dr. Schlussel gave me plenty of product samples to take home and use which I loved because I felt like rather than push products for me to purchase, he actually wanted to help me! The exam included a high tech image of my retina, so I was assured my eye was healthy still and finally, he fitted me for the most comfortable lenses I’ve ever worn in all of my 17 years of contact lense-wearing. I found his fees to be really reasonable and overall, I really feel lucky to have found his office. He’s very kind and patient but most importantly, he’s an expert and was able to begin treatment for my dry eye condition and to prescribe the best contact lenses for me. I’m so relieved that I’m not stuck having to wear glasses for the rest of my life and I would hope that anyone who experiences the annoyance and discomfort of dry eyes finds Dr. Schlussel’s office as well!  

M.Tryhubczak     5/12/2010

Prior to my first visit with Dr. Schlussel, I was never given a good explanation of why my vision was impaired and the best options of how to correct it. I thought that I should get Lasik surgery but,  Dr. Schlussel let me know that surgery would end up costing me a lot of money for very little gain in vision. I ended up picking out a pair frames that looked great and ditched the idea of eye surgery for good. I can only imaginge how dissapointed I have dealt the physical and financial discomfort of surgery for almost no reward. Thanks Dr. Schlussel!

Brady Loeck  6/17/2008


After experiencing extreme discomfort with my contacts, I decided I needed to do something about it. My roommate suggested I visit the doctor that she had just recently visited, and the office was convienently located right near our apartment. She said all excellent things about Dr. Schlussel, and I agreed with them all once I had my first visit. My main problem was wearing my contacts all day at work in front of the computer, and by 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon, my eyes were scratchy and in so much pain. Since I have astigmatism, my old eye doctor had always told me that contacts just may not be for me. But I insisted on trying them, and they worked okay -- until my new job required me to leave them in for a long ten hour work day. Dr. Schlussel helped to explain that the contact brand I was wearing were not the most comfortable out there, and he suggested that I try these new contacts designed for people with an astigmatism and dry eyes. Ever since my visit with Dr. Schlussel, wearing contacts has been ten times more enjoyable and no more discomfort. Thanks Dr. Schlussel!

Alison Sincoski 6/17/2008

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