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Protecting Your Children’s Eyes

Did you know that each year approximately 40,000 sports-related eye injuries are serious enough to require emergency room care? This is the equivalent of an eye trauma every 780 seconds! Eye Care experts agree that most of the reported damage could be simply avoided by using protective eyewear. More often than not injuries take place when enjoying recreational activities or during household chores. Youth are especially prone to accidents involving eye damage, which frequently happen during active play.

If your children frequently engage in active sport, it is recommended that they use protective eyewear while on the court. A good idea is to lead by example by investing in a pair of modern full-coverage protective goggles for yourself that you wear when involved in contact sports or working with power tools. Make sure your children follow your example. In addition, let your kids choose safety glasses in the fashion they like.

To ensure you get a good fit and the proper amount of protection, consult with a qualified optician for recommendations. Our staff members can assist you in finding the best pair of protective eyewear for your child, depending on your child's particular needs. If your child wears glasses, safety glasses can be customized with prescription lenses from your vision care center. Trivex or polylcarbonate lenses are recommended for a child that participates in rough sports such as football. They are not only more durable, they are also lighter than standard lenses, providing greater comfort.

Take your time when it comes to buying a pair of protective goggles. It's worth it when it comes to protecting your child's eyes!

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