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Treating Some of the Most Frequently Encountered Eye Injuries

Eye injuries come in many shapes and sizes, with varying degrees of severity. Some may necessitate emergency action and immediate care by an optician, while others can be dealt with at home. Follow these guidelines for routine eye injuries, to decide your next move in case of an accident. Remember that general preventive precautions such as wearing safety goggles or glasses may be your best approach to preventing eye injuries altogether.

An example of an injury that should be treated seriously is a corneal abrasion (scratched eye). It can cause serious damage very quickly and potentially result in vision loss. Scratches are normally the result of a poke in the eye, or rubbing the eye when there is dust in it. Because a scratch can open your eye to bacterial infection it's very important that you call your optometrist or an emergency room. The best advice for a scratched eye is to cover it loosely and to visit your optometrist right away to ensure it is isn't infected. Rubbing the eye will only cause more harm and completely covering the eye can give bacteria a place to grow.

Another typical eye issue is chemical exposure. It is often frightening when your are sprayed in the eye by a potentially dangerous liquid. The first thing to determine is which chemical went into your eye. A chemical's basic composition is the most important factor. Although acids can result in substantial swelling and burning, they can be washed out pretty easily. However, base or alkali chemicals can be much more severe even though they don't appear to be since they don't result in as much immediate eye pain or redness as acids.

Though it is sometimes unpleasant to think about an injury to the eye, it's advisable to be prepared with what to do in serious emergencies. By being prepared you can be assured that you'll be ready to deal with most typical eye problems. Don't forget, extra safety protections can help prevent these injuries from the get go so consult with your optometrist about preventative eye care!

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