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Kerasoft IC Contact Lenses

KeraSoft IC contact lenses in manhattan

Keratoconus and other eye conditions that cause irregular corneas can often be quite difficult and frustrating to deal with. Often eyeglasses do not help correct vision, as light still has to travel from the lenses of the eyeglasses, through the irregularly shaped cornea, which then distorts the image all over again. Contact lenses are, therefore an excellent option for correcting keratoconus, since they fit over the irregular cornea, creating a new, smooth and regular front surface to the eye to properly focus incoming light. However, traditional contact lenses can sometimes be problematic. Many people experience limited wear time, discomfort after a few hours wear or glare from their current contact lenses.

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Enter KeraSoft IC! This cutting edge soft contact lens utilizes the latest technologies in contact lens design today to fit many unusually shaped corneas, while still maintaining maximum comfort! These amazing soft lenses are made of silicon hydrogel, allowing for superior comfort and breathability, and can be customized by your eye doctor to fit your eyes perfectly, providing comfortable, crystal clear vision, every time!

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