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Dry Eye Treatment Shop

Not sure what to buy? Visit Drs Alan B. Schlussel and Christine Law, O.D. to discuss treatment options.

derm wellness kit1 min

d.e.r.m. Wellness Kit $98

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0004864_ocusoft hypochlor spray 02 2oz.jpeg

Ocusoft Hypochlor Spray $24

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dermmask 1 min

d.e.r.m. Relief Mask $32

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ocusoft platinum min

Platinum Lid Cleaner $26

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ocusoft hypochlor spray min

Hypochlor Lid Cleaner $30

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prn oil liquid min

PRN Fish Oil Liquid 200ml $69

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tranquileyesskit beads min

Tranquil Eyes With Beads $70

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prn 240 softgels1 min

PRN fish oil softgels 240 qty $104

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omega 3 min

Blink Omega 3s 30 Packets 1 Month Supply $24

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dry eye formula min

Eye Science Dry Eye Formula Softgels Capsules 90 qty $25

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bruder min

Bruder Eye Compress Moist Heat Individual Eye $24

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ocusoft lid scrub plus pre moistened pads 30ctn min

Ocusoft Lid Scrubs Plus Pre-Moistened Pads 30 qty $21.50

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teatree cleaner min

Tea Tree Eye And Facial Cleaner $25

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thermoeyes min

ThermoEyes Instant Climate Control $29

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ocusoft1 min

Retaine Complete MGD 30 Vials $27

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ocusoft1 min

Retaine Complete MGD 5 Vials $10

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