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Computers, Blue Light, and Your Eyes

We all love our computers and phones. They represent our lives

― Our jobs, our knowledge, and our social connections…

But Your Eyes Need a Work-Life Balance Too…

We all need to be on our smartphones, computers, and tablets. At the practice of Dr. Alan B. Schlussel and Dr. Christine Law, we want you to be informed about the possible vision conditions that may arise from extended, long-term screen time. Read on to learn more about how computer use may affect your eyes, what prevention techniques are available, and how to find relief for the eyestrain, headaches, and other problems that may arise from prolonged time looking at a screen.

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Protecting Your Eyes From Harmful Blue Light

Blue light is part of the spectrum of light that we get from the sun, indoor lighting, and digital devices. The major concern with blue light is the quantity, the proximity to our eyes, and the length of exposure that our modern lifestyles expose us to. High energy blue light has been shown to damage the eye, the best prevention is to limit screen time and wear blue light filtering lenses.


Computer Vision Syndrome

One of the most common eye conditions today is computer vision syndrome. Computer Vision Syndrom or CVS for short is fatigue experienced due to long periods of times spent focusing on mid range tasks such as a typical computer. Since our eye wear and eyes are not focused on mid range viewing, we experience stress on our eye muscles, dry eyes, and fatigue.

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Computer Glasses: Making Work Easier

Computer glasses are specially created glasses designed to provide maximum comfort while working on a computer. They are optimized for mid range viewing which places less stress on the visual system. They are also effective at reducing the exposure to blue light, which prevents long term risks associated with Blue light exposure.

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