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Dry Eye Center

At our dry eye center we take the treatment of dry eyes seriously. With the latest equipment and treatment options available to treat dry eyes patients. If you think that you can no longer wear contact lenses, or that you will have to suffer with living with your dry eyes symptoms, visit our Manhattan dry eye clinic, where our eye doctors will prove to you that dry eyes is treatable and there are contact lenses for you.

Our practice and eye doctors have specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of dry eyes for over 25 years and has lectured to eye doctors in New York and New Jersey. As a dry eye sufferer himself, Dr. Schlussel is not only passionate about the subject of dry eyes, he also has first hand experience with the difficulty of living with dry eye symptoms.

Dry eyes, or dry eye syndrome, is one of the most common eye problems today. People suffering from dry eye are 2 to 3 times more likely to experience discomfort, blurred vision and other problems when reading, using a computer, watching television and driving. Check out some of the products in our online dry eye shop and start seeing clearly, today.


Our Patients Say It Best...

Great experience! And significantly improved my dry eyes!

Mandy H.


Very Helpful! I moved to the city about 5 months ago and needed a new eye doctor after doing some research i went to Dr Schlussel. He was extremely helpful in diagnosing my dry eye problem and fixing it. He is setting me up with contacts that will help my eyes. He is very nice and professional.

Anonymous, NYC


Hope for the Hopeless! I thought I would never be able to see without blurred vision, much less be able to wear contacts without my eyes turning “devil red,” again. I had been going to another eye clinic and developed a problem out of nowhere. There were no effective interventions. The diagnosis and situation weren’t logical, I wasn’t being heard, and I was basically told I had a condition I would have to live with for the rest of my life. After countless appointments and eight months later I got fed up. I looked online for a doctor that effectively treats “dry eye” and I found Dr. Schlussel. He was very thorough and really listened to me (a dying practice in medicine these days). He told me he knew the problem and had a plan. His diagnosis was spot-on and something I had suspected but had never been heard. He was wonderful at taking the time to review my treatment plan and has given me hope that my vision will improve (already has in just a couple of days) and I’ll be able to see clearly AND wear contacts again!

April H.


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