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Affiliation with TLC

Affiliation with TLC

TLC Affiliated SurgeonAll three phases of your laser vision correction process are incredibly important to ensuring your desired outcome, and TLC affiliated doctors are involved at every step:

1. Pre-procedure consultation
2. The laser procedure
3. Post-procedure care

Throughout these stages, several eye doctors will take care of you: the TLC affiliated surgeon who performs the procedure at the TLC Center, the TLC Clinical Director or other staff optometrist, and your own TLC affiliated optometrist, Dr. Alan Schlussel, who provides some of your pre- and post-operative care. Although pre- and post-operative care can be provided at TLC, we recommend you see your own eye doctor who is more familiar with your eyes and history and who will continue to provide vision care after your procedure.

Your TLC Affiliated Surgeon

There is much more to consider when trusting your eyes to a surgeon. Other laser vision correction providers may try several approaches to attract your business. Be wary of steep discounts on LASIK or surgeons who merely tout their total number of procedures performed.

The skill of TLC’s affiliated surgeons and expert support team give you a critical advantage in achieving the best outcome. All doctors affiliated with TLC have been educated in all aspects of laser vision correction. TLC affiliated surgeons must pass the government-mandated course for each particular laser they use. TLC offers affiliated doctors quarterly training programs on the latest advancements in treatment and technology to better ensure the best outcome for all our patients.

TLC Clinical Director and Staff Optometrist

At each eye care eenter, a TLC Clinical Director or Staff Optometrist will provide their expertise and knowledge to help to answer all of your questions about your vision correction. These eye doctors have developed their skills and experience through numerous training and development programs, professional meeting and TLC continuing education programs. Learn More About LASIK at Alan B. Schlussel

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