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Lifetime Commitment

TLC Stands Behind Your Laser Vision Correction Results for Life.

At TLC, we stand behind your distance vision results for life because we have confidence in our surgeons and in the stability of our patients’ long term results. Our intention is to help you maintain the best possible vision throughout your life.

We call it the TLC Lifetime Commitment. The primary benefit of the program is TLC’s assurance that if a re-treatment is needed to maintain distance vision results, clinically qualified patients will receive a re-treatment without charge at any TLC Laser Eye Centers location across North America.

Who is eligible for the TLC Lifetime Commitment?

The TLC Lifetime Commitment program includes qualified patients who have had laser vision correction at a TLC Center by a participating surgeon. Most nearsighted and astigmatic TLC patients are eligible for this program.Since 99% of the myopic population falls into this group, we expect our program to benefit the majority of TLC patients. Farsighted (hyperopic) patients are not eligible for the TLC Lifetime Commitment. Please read the program’s detailed guidelines for complete information.

To Maintain Eligibility in the TLC Lifetime Commitment:

1. Complete your course of post-operative appointments during the first 12 months after treatment.
2. Have your annual eye-exam with your TLC affiliate eye doctor.
3. See membership guidelines for complete details.

The First Year

All TLC patients may be eligible for a LASIK retreatment without charge if it is within the initial 12 months following their procedure and the re-treatment is medically advisable, as determined by your eye doctor.

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