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Dr. Schlussel – Dry Eye Consultant shares his expertise nationwide

Help your practice see more dry eye patients

The painful symptoms and blurry vision of dry eye syndrome drive many patients to seek medical assistance from an eye doctor. To expand your practice and treat more dry eye patients with the latest medical therapies, contact Dr. Schlussel. He will work with you and your team to identify and diagnose the root of dry eye in order to personalize efficient, advanced dry eye treatments. Dr. Schlussel is now available for expert consultations at Eye Care facilities across the country.

Skilled in the latest innovative technologies

Dr. Schlussel is at the cutting edge of Dry Eye detection and treatment technology. He keeps pace with all the newest technologies and therapies, and he is experienced in applying these breakthrough dry eye treatments. Let Dr. Schlussel train you and your practice on how to best maximize your equipment usage and monetize Dry Eye treatments.

Extensive experience in dry eye syndrome

Dr. Schlussel, the founding director of Dr. Alan Schlussel & Associates, has been providing primary eye care and effective dry eye treatments for over 26 years. His own experience suffering from dry eye irritation motivated him to train as an expert in the latest technologies and therapies to relieve the pain of dry eye. Our NYC dry eye consultant travels across the country to help eye doctors everywhere build up their dry eye practices.

Dr. Schlussel is also available for speaking engagements nationwide

As the cases of dry eye continue to increase across the country, Dr. Schlussel is ready to guide and advise your practice and he is also available to speak to and advise large groups. Contact Dr. Schlussel for more information about his services as a dry eye consultant.

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