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Why Buy From Us?

girl wearing pink rimmed eyeglasses 325x217When you buy eyewear from a local optometrist, there are various benefits that are often overlooked by patience. An eye exam allows you to get a new prescription, how the prescription is filled at an optical store or how your next pair of eyeglasses can help you enjoy what you do most depends a lot on the advice that you received from your eye doctor as well as discussing your options with an optician.

Why Our Lenses Differ?

At , We utilized various lens options from different labs in order to help our patients find exactly what’s best for their visual needs. Whether you’re the type who spends long hours indoors working at a computer, outdoors in the sun or driving long distances by car, the type of eyewear you choose can affect how much fatigue or turn to see if you’re at the end of the day. Plus, all of our lenses are backed with a warranty you can rely on their high level of quality.

What’s in a Quality Frame?

Although frames can be made out of plastic, titanium, and even handcrafted materials, a high-quality frame can stand the test of time and still continue to provide an excellent fit. Cheaper frames often become loose and unstable, making it harder to see clearly and easily fall off and break your lenses. With the right frame, you’ll look your best, and see with greater comfort, and if any problems arise, as long as you bought your frames locally, you can easily have them adjusted onsite.

Does Buying Online Save You?

Often, people consider the extra savings when buying eyeglasses online. But, they don’t realize the sacrifice they make in quality, fit, and style when doing so. Common pitfalls when ordering online are incorrect prescriptions being filled, oversized or undersized fit, lenses poorly fitted in the frame, and overall low-quality materials that won’t last long. Not only can you buy a new pair of eyeglasses locally at an optometrist’s office for an affordable price, but you’ll be able to have small problems repaired at the office to extend the life of your frames. With greater visual clarity, better materials, and less problems to worry about, the additional investment in buying frames locally is well worth it.

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